Wassertanz 2020

Arcaoda Berlin

Laure Boer and Wissam Sader created a spatialised live set using acoustic instruments and electronics.

Through a dense yellow light, electronic strings and synths crescendoed through a spectrum of sound like an infinite sunrise, letting us sink into its radiating tones.

This continuous but ever-increasing lull entranced me to the extent that I was still transfixed when seemingly water-muffled acoustics were slowly introduced.

The performer picked up an array of objects—what looked like a telephone, some foil perhaps—and began playing them into a microphone, dampened as though they were somehow underwater themselves.

Reminiscent of the echo-location techniques used by dolphins and whales, we strained our ears trying to locate and identify the different sounds, aware of the translucent white quartz bowls of varying sizes laid out on the floor adjacent.

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