Exhibitions and Sound performances: 


sound collage with Replica part of Ctm vorspiel at acud theatre Berlin

sound improvisation with farah hazim for nostalgia in reverse part of tanztage festival at sophiensaele Berlin

sound performance with Régis Lemberthe at noiseberg Berlin


sleepover drone with Régis Lemberthe at planet flow Berlin

Sound improvisation entre los dos trobada bcn ciutat diversa Barcelona

sound improvisation for Replica at silent green Kulturquartier Berlin

music for sleeping with Régis Lemberthe at Dat Quad fest Berlin

sound improvisation for Replica at Dat Quad fest Berlin

in.between performance at madame claude 

sound work residency for a body-based performance with Farah Hazim at budějovický majáles Czech Republic

in.between performance at noiseberg

in.between performance at gelegenheiten

Sound collage for 60sec radio

Sound work in collaboration with Farah Hazim  [nucl1*]

Sound Performance at Spektrum in between Berlin

sound improvisation for a body-based performance with Farah Hazim in ACUD Theater something happens Berlin

Sound design and music composition Kleine Bremer documentary


Sound Performance P2v03 at Dock 11

Sound Performance Unsighted at SPEKTRUM

Performance Related Primates at KW institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin

Sound Design and music composition I doubt in dawn theatre Barcelona


Music performance Urban Spree Berlin.

Sound Performance at teatre de fusta Barcelona.


Music performance at The Collective art gallery Barcelona.


Collective exhibition LAC2014 at Museu de Sant Boi de Llobregat, Sant Boi.


Collective exhibition LAC2013 at Museu de Sant Boi De Llobregat, Sant Boi.


Collective exhibition V14, Metafora, Barcelona.


Collective exhibition Beyond a snap, Beirut.


Wissam Sader is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and improviser, working between sound, installation and photography.

In recent years, his work primarily focuses on the complexity of contemporary urban environments and their rapidly changing soundscapes. Through electroacoustic, minimal compositions he explores the aesthetic and social characteristics of acoustically disparate topographies.

With a combination of composed pieces, field recordings and manipulated found sounds, his compositions aspire to harmonize and intersect the sounds of human and non-human actors in an attempt to reflect our evolving realities and understanding of the world.