in collaboration with farah hazim 2018

[NUCL1*] is a metaphoric image of freezing ice, of its process and interpreted transitional phases ; a sonification of crystal growth.

Giving a voice for ice nucleus formation : long sighs, long complaints, slowly increasing their density (in n° of repetition), slowly getting to the freezing state.

The project approach is mainly acoustic and recording manipulations ;

the order of sounds with the method used will be chronologically listed below :

- with the will to create a strange liquid environnement at first with the add-on of randomness, we will call those atmospherics, the strange emitted sound of a stomach has been added.

- a bass emerges, a tension is created in order to indicate that something is happening, it has been produced by two synth-made frequencies but recorded with a microphone moving around the speakers in order to manually pan the sound.

- a little morphing situation springs up, produced by fingers typing on keyboard then reversed.

- voices by turns emanate as an interpretation of ice nucleus formation.

- freezing state reached and sonified by a more or less homogeneous sound layer taking the place of all the previous sounds’ layers, with little cracks to materialize latecomers (latter ice nucleus formations) but faster, more compressed, less extravagant than the previous morphing situation. The effect has been reached with two layers recorded sounds with a contact mic placed on the throat and a native instrument plug-in.